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Say Hello to Design Thinking 2.0

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Von: Sefirot
We are Sefirot , an independent publisher focused on tools for Creativity. We produce durable, meaningful tools that are now on the desk of more than 100,000 creatives all over the world.
It's called BAD

BAD is the new holistic tool for design that will help you build successful products, services and companies.
Drastically increase your chances to succeed
BAD is a tool made of 41 cards and a manual that allows you to get the overall view of any project and to understand how to find your place in the market and create value.

  • YOU CAN DESIGN PRODUCTS THAT WORK, both on a market positioning level and a financial return level;
  • YOU CAN MAKE MORE CONSCIOUS DESIGN CHOICES, while keeping business aspects in mind;
  • YOU CAN PLAN YOUR FUTURE ACTIONS (product, process, business model innovation);
  • YOU CAN AVOID ARGUMENTS AND FRICTION with stakeholders, while mantaining a clear view of the project


Using BAD is very easy: you just place the cards wherever suits you – tables, floors, doors, or any other available surface – then you proceed to fill the structure using post-it. We give you a structure and you fill it with your project.

BAD is designed to increase your chance of success
In making you connect the three most important areas of design – USERS, COMPETITORS AND BUSINESS MODEL – BAD helps you design consciously avoiding any waste of time, money and resources both for you and your company.

Step 1: Design Process
Step 2: User Analysis
Step 3: Competitor Analysis
Step 4: Business Model Analysis
Step 5: Iterations and Planning

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